AI powered search for your workspace, VecPot

Tired of browsing multiple tools with hundreds of tabs?

Searching across multiple tools is challenging.

Where was that document? Was it in Notion or Jira?
What should I check to resolve my issue?
Checked Slack, reviewed Jira issues, and what else?
I forgot the document title. What was it...?

Get what you need without switching tabs with VecPot.

Connect your favorite tools in an instant.

Supported Tools

And more…

AI-powered workplace search

More than a keyword search. Supporting semantic search to fit your needs.

VecPot's semantic search considers synonyms and related concepts to find results that may be missed by regular keyword searches..
Vector search powered by deep learning-based LLMs

Use directly inside your Slack

No need to install. Don't open another tab.

Use the Slack Bot to browse your workspace inside Slack.

Move Faster with VecPot

Without VecPot, knowledge workers

Spends 1.8 hours per day searching and gathering informations for their work.
Spends 20% of their time searching information or finding colleagues who can help them.

Start using VecPot to boost your productivity!

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